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Road marking paint series, including solvent at room temperature and hot melt reflective type, suitable for all kinds of traffic asphalt or concrete road traffic marking encountered USES, tough film, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, good color retention and road surface adhesion and so on many characteristics of highway, highway and heavy traffic road reticule coating a glance glance hot-melt road marking paint road marking paint is through the adoption of foreign high-quality additives and other chemical materials and synthetic resin paint aggregate small grain powder coatings Coating by heat into molten under has appropriate temperature, can form a thick film, coating color is bright, to identify the sex strong, reflective effect at night construction performance is good, quick drying, strong cohesive force, wear-resisting durable, suitable for coating of asphalt concrete such as all kinds of road surface is suitable coating requirements of quick drying, etc as a symbol of urban roads and highways and line with normal temperature (cold) cold road marking paint road marking paint coating is made from resin, fillers and organic solvent has quick drying medium resistance and good operation, widely used in the asphalt concrete road surface and authority in the school factory Parking lots and sports grounds use suburban roads and highways road marking line is generally more suitable for the selection of hot melt road reflective paint

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